Woody Creek Vodka

Woody Creek Distillers: Keeping Things Clean for Top Quality

When it comes to distilling spirits, Woody Creek has one goal: “to make nothing but the finest craft spirits, each with a unique taste and character that was true to the origins of that spirit.” For them, that means growing and harvesting many of the ingredients, as well as collaborating with local farms to obtain prime material.  Read more

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Heaven Hill Distilleries

Heaven Hill: From Prohibition to World’s Supplier

Family-owned distillery Heaven Hill is one of the largest alcohol suppliers in the country. Not only do they produced some distilled spirits, but they are also the second-largest producer of bourbon whiskey in the world. If that’s not impressive enough, Heaven Hill is also one of the oldest distilleries in the US – in operation since right after Prohibition times were over. Read more

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Deep Eddy Vodka: Clean Vodka With a Natural Twist

Deep Eddy Vodka prides itself in creating vodkas that use only premium ingredients: natural sweeteners (including honey produced locally), natural juices, a mix of essential oils and South Texas corn. For example, their Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka is made using pure cane sugar, black tea, and clover honey. Another popular offering, their Ruby Red Vodka, is made using real ruby red grapefruit juice and no artificial flavorings.  Read more

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LDV Winery: How a Couple Started a Business Almost by Accident

LDV Winery started almost by accident when Curt Dunham and Peggy Fiandaca had a conversation about their future. As lovers of wine and food, it seemed natural to pursue a business that embraced those areas. When the opportunity to start a winery came up, they jumped at it. Read more

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Four Monkey Winery, Elgin, AZ

Four Monkey Winery: Where Games and Flavor Come Together

When it comes to winemaking, there are very few rules. Dr. Garrison Ellam, Ph.D., owner of Four Monkey Winery, knows that well. We asked Ellam about his cheekily named wines and what’s in store for this new winery that’s already making waves. Read more

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St. Barthelemy Cellars: A Port-Only Winery Defining the Odds

Bart Barthelemy, Proprietor, and Winemaker of St. Barthelemy Cellars started his port-only winery against all odds. After all, Napa is most famous for its Cabernet Sauvignon. “We felt that our location was just a bit warm for a top-quality Cabernet vineyard, but would probably do well with grapes and a wine style that needed the higher heat,” Barthelemy says. Read more

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CHACO FLACO DRINKS: How a Company Found Success by Making Drinks Healthier

Chaco Flaco Drinks has a long list of things distinguishing it from other drink producers. For starters, the company – which has a Day of the Dead-inspired mascot – produces low calorie, low sugar drinks. They also focus on their own unique twists to well-known drinks, including green Bloody Mary’s and berry mint mojitos. Read more

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Hamilton Distillers: Bringing Back Distilleries to Southern Arizona

Founded by Stephen Paul in 2006, Hamilton Distillers focuses on producing single malt whiskeys. Hand-bottled and hand-signed, Hamilton whiskeys pride themselves in being the first craft whiskeys produced in Southern Arizona since Prohibition times. Read more

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