Dylan Fay (Vocals) and I were living together in Tempe (this is Eric Folts (Guitarist) typing by the way.) We were going to College, working part-time, and trying to record song demos in our living room whenever we could. We would go over to our friend Kenny Parker’s house a lot and he was always saying, “hey my brother is an awesome musician, you guys should jam with him.”

So, we eventually jammed with Dylan Heinrich (Guitarist), Kenny’s brother, and it sounded good. A couple of months later we had the Barefoot EP recorded. The EP was just a bunch of different/random ideas the three of us had cobbled together. Heinrich was the most knowledgeable out of the three of us. He basically gave us a crash-course in song writing and recording, that dude is a recording/guitar/drum wizard. He has recorded everything up until this new album, when we worked with Matt Keller.

We thought the music was good enough to share online, so we chose the name ‘Barefoot’ pretty arbitrarily just so we could make a profile for Facebook and Bandcamp.

After the success of the “Me to Myself” video we made, we decided to play our first show and that’s when we asked Christian Aroz (Drums) to join the band. Christian and I have been jamming together every once in a while since high school. Up until this point he had always been in heavy metal bands, but I knew he was into retro rock, Floyd, Queens of the Stone Age, you know all that good shit.

Fast-forward to our new album release and Patrick Smiley (Bass) is our new bassist, and he shreds. This new album would not have sounded as cohesive without him. His bass lines are some of my favorite parts. He knows how, and when to accentuate certain grooves perfectly. I don’t think we could have found a better fit.