Passion Cellars: How a Family’s Passion for Wine Became a Business


A small family business based in Jerome, AZ, Passion Cellars was born out of a love for wine, travel and culture. In fact, it wasn’t until after years of exploring and tasting some of the world’s best wines that the idea of Passion Cellars was even born. Read more

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LDV Winery: How a Couple Started a Business Almost by Accident

LDV Winery started almost by accident when Curt Dunham and Peggy Fiandaca had a conversation about their future. As lovers of wine and food, it seemed natural to pursue a business that embraced those areas. When the opportunity to start a winery came up, they jumped at it. Read more

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Four Monkey Winery, Elgin, AZ

Four Monkey Winery: Where Games and Flavor Come Together

When it comes to winemaking, there are very few rules. Dr. Garrison Ellam, Ph.D., owner of Four Monkey Winery, knows that well. We asked Ellam about his cheekily named wines and what’s in store for this new winery that’s already making waves. Read more

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St. Barthelemy Cellars: A Port-Only Winery Defining the Odds

Bart Barthelemy, Proprietor, and Winemaker of St. Barthelemy Cellars started his port-only winery against all odds. After all, Napa is most famous for its Cabernet Sauvignon. “We felt that our location was just a bit warm for a top-quality Cabernet vineyard, but would probably do well with grapes and a wine style that needed the higher heat,” Barthelemy says. Read more

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JAW Cellars: And Why Boutique Wines Are the Way to Go

Jim Wiskerchen, owner of JAW Cellars, knows what it’s like to pursue a dream.  After all, he spent years working in the wine industry before he felt ready to produce his own wines. Wiskerchen shared with us what it’s like to  make the jump and what the future will bring for JAW Cellars. Read more

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Romeo Vineyards Joins the 2016 CRUSHBREW Craft Beverage Festival

Featured Winery: ROMEO CELLARS

Nestled in a nine-acre reservoir in California, Romeo Vineyards & Cellars offers rich red wine produced from old vines (some as old as 40+ years). Located in an area with its own very unique climatic conditions, Romeo has become an attractive location to enjoy the outdoors, observe wildlife and try a glass of delicate wine. Read more

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Claar Cellars joins the CRUSHBREW Craft Beverage Festival

Claar Cellars: How a Microclimate Helped Shape a Vineyard

When Crista Claar Whitelatch –owner and manager of Claar Wine Group– and her husband retired from the Navy, it made perfect sense for them to jump into the wine business. After all, Claar’s parents had been working the fields as farm owners for decades – and hands-on work felt natural to the family. Read more

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DekTown Cellars CrushBrew Craft Beverage Festival

Dektown Cellars: Where Handcrafted Wines Rule

Dektown Cellars was born out of a passion for boutique style wines. From the beginning, owner Kimberly Meyer set out to produce handcrafted wines that honor the local terrain and take advantage of everything Arizona has to offer. Read more

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Pillsbury Wine: From Movie-Making to Award-Winning Wines

Sam Pillsbury, owner, and winegrower at the Pillsbury Wine Company comes from a background of filmmaking and screenplay writing in New Zealand – a far cry from the winemaking world in Arizona! Read more

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Sonoita Vineyards AVA

Sonoita Vineyards: Arizona’s First Winery Is Still Paving the Way

Sonoita Vineyards is not only the oldest winery in Arizona – it’s also one of the most innovative.
We talked to Lori Reynolds, Head Winemaker at Sonoita Vineyards to learn more about the unique challenges and rewards of running a family vineyard in the intense Arizona climate. Read more

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