Deep Eddy Vodka: Clean Vodka With a Natural Twist

Deep Eddy Vodka prides itself in creating vodkas that use only premium ingredients: natural sweeteners (including honey produced locally), natural juices, a mix of essential oils and South Texas corn. For example, their Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka is made using pure cane sugar, black tea, and clover honey. Another popular offering, their Ruby Red Vodka, is made using real ruby red grapefruit juice and no artificial flavorings. 

Also, Deep Eddy uses a unique distillation and filtration system. All water used to produce drinks is first charcoal filtered a total of six times. This serves a double purpose: it ensures the quality of the water is the best it can be, and it allows the subtle tones of the vodka to shine through.

The distillery also uses a state-of-the-art distillation column that produces a smoother, cleaner vodka. Because the vodka is filtered and cleared several times using this process, it produces no waste and no byproducts.

We talked to Christina O’Connor, Arizona Market Manager for Deep Eddy Vodka to learn more about what’s next for the distillery.

CRUSHBREW: Can you tell us a bit about the beginnings of Deep Eddy Vodka?

CHRISTINA O’CONNOR’S: We started the company with a deep commitment to creating high-quality spirits with simple ingredients. All our vodkas are handcrafted in small batches at our very own Texas distillery, using only the highest quality ingredients. While we don’t like to reveal too much about our proprietary distillation process, we’re proud to use real tea leaves, real grapefruits, real cranberries, real lemons and real peaches in our flavored vodkas. This lets our flavors maintain the taste and color of the natural juices used to create them.

CRUSHBREW: We have to ask: where does the name come from?

CO: Deep Eddy Vodka was founded in 2010 in Austin, TX. The brand is inspired by the Deep Eddy Pool in Austin, which is a local landmark and one of the best ways to cool off & relax with friends on hot summer days in Texas.

CRUSHBREW: What else is coming for Deep Eddy? Anything new or planned?

CO: We’re reinventing vodka with a focus on classic flavors that are easy to mix, and Deep Eddy Peach is our latest creation for 2016. It’s created with real peaches and mixes perfectly with iced tea, lemonade, ginger ale, and even champagne to make a phenomenal Peach Bellini for Valentine’s Day brunch.

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