NOLET’S Finest Gins consists of NOLET’S Silver Gin, the new face of gin, and NOLET’S Reserve Gin, the personal creation of Carolus Nolet Sr., tenth generation distillery owner.
NOLET’S Finest Gins are inspired by 325 years of family distilling tradition and the expertise of the Nolet family who also created Ketel One Vodka.
The distillation of NOLET’S Silver is a proprietary process that blends tradition with innovation.

To achieve the perfect balance of taste and texture, NOLET’s Silver is made in a custom copper still that combines pot still and column distillation.

Following a secret recipe, the signature botanicals are individually infused into a base neutral grain spirit made from the finest winter wheat. Then, they are gently blended and allowed to rest in order to achieve the perfect balance.

The family crest adoring the bottle is a tribute to over 300 years of tradition and distilling experience of the Nolet family. Dedicated to the highest standards of quality, a member of the Nolet family approves every batch of NOLET’s Silver before bottling.

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