Romeo Vineyards

Romeo Vineyards produces elegant and enduring wines from vines, some more than forty years old. Our vineyard is planted south of two old growth knolls which sandwich nine acres of reservoir water to cool the air over our vines. These geographical conditions lead to extremely long hang time and allow our grapes to develop full flavors, deep color and intense complexity. An early morning marine layer dissipates quickly on the hotter summer days.

Our old block of vines were planted in 1971. A small pea-sized grape of unknown Cabernet Sauvignon clone with exceptional full flavors. We decided to have this clone micro-shooted, cleaned up and propagated at UC Davis for our proprietary stock. This clone is named after our son, Albie Romeo, who named our label Sempre Vive, meaning “Always Alive”. Our vineyard is comprised of five Bordeaux blenders, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Malbec and Petit Verdot. Our vineyard hosts nature and our knoll is home to a pair of Blue Herons, White Egrets, Red Tail Hawks along with Red Kit Foxes, deer, cougar and other native species. All is in peaceful harmony between nature and viticulture.

We blend our wines the old fashioned way­—to taste. Produced in small lots to ensure our grape quality shines to reflect our land and fruit. Stylistically ours are Bordeaux blends of new world tastes with a tip of the hat to old world traditons. We attempt to preserve the extremely deep intense flavors and aromas our land imparts to our grapes through their high skin/pulp to juice ratio. These attributes in our grapes give our wines luscious full bodied mouth feel to match its extreme color depth and complexity of flavors.
“Bud to Flower to berry to Wine—Sempre Vive”

Our grapes do not die when we crush them; they live on in the living product of our wines.

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